Social Worker Services

Social Worker Services

Learning how to manage your life with dialysis can be overwhelming at first, but it is still possible to thrive. Our social workers provide a broad range of services, including:

Coordination of Resources and Referrals

  • Facilitation of community agency referrals, such as home care services and physical, occupational, or speech therapies
  • Providing information and referrals (including candidacy for kidney transplant, home dialysis, and peritoneal dialysis)
  • Coordinating dialysis with patients’ work schedules or vocational rehabilitation
  • Assisting with travel or transient treatment arrangements
  • Assisting with resource needs, including finances, living arrangements, and transportation

Counseling and Advocacy

  • Advocacy on patients’ behalf within the setting and with appropriate local, state and federal agencies and programs
  • Aiding patients in adjusting to chronic illness and treatment as they relate to the patients’ quality of life
  • Providing counseling and/or referrals for physical, sexual, and emotional relationship problems
  • Educational, vocational, and activity of daily living problems
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problems related to treatment options and setting transfers
  • Decision making with regard to advance directives and end of life concerns