Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counselling

The choices you make about what to eat and drink while on ​hemodialysis​ can make a big difference in how you feel.

Between dialysis treatment sessions, waste can build up in your blood and make you sick. You can reduce this waste buildup by controlling what you eat and drink, because matching what you eat with what your kidney treatments remove can help your treatments work better.

Even more importantly, if your blood contains too much waste, your kidney treatment session may not remove all of it.

Our dietitians will help you:

  • Plan your meals
  • Determine your calorie and protein needs
  • Explain how much fluid is right for you
  • Educate you on the nutritional value and benefits of different food ingredients
  • Help control your potassium, phosphorous, and sodium intake to maintain your overall nutrition
  • Choose the right vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Keep a healthy heart
  • Control your blood sugar
  • Every single patient of NYAKC is constantly under the close supervision of our highly trained nutritional specialists. Our dietitians monitor your response to the individualized nutrition plans created for you by evaluating your monthly labs, appetite, weight changes, and symptoms.