Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence

New York Artificial Kidney Center (NYAKC) was established in 1999, initially as a 24-station dialysis facility. Today NYAKC is a 62-station facility - the largest independent dialysis center in the United States.

NYAKC is a step ahead of any other dialysis clinic you will find.

Among the attributes that separate NYAKC from competitors:

  • Beautiful facility
  • Newest state-of-the-art equipment
  • Best-trained professional staff
  • Best quality outcomes
  • Most importantly: Highest patient satisfaction

Consistently 5-star rated by Medicare, and recipient of the 5-Diamond award for patient satisfaction. We pride ourselves on 100% compliance with ALL ethical and regulatory standards.

Everyone at New York Artificial Kidney Center is dedicated to fulfilling our motto:

Quality Indicators

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Indicators NYAKC Nationwide
Quality of Care (Medicare Star Rating) 5-Star Excellent Average 3-4 Stars
Mortality Rate (Per 100 patients. Lower number is better) 12.7 Better than expected 17.4
Infection Rate (Lower number is better) 0.24 Better than expected 1.01
Blood Transfusions (Per 100 patients. Lower number is better) 11.8 Better than expected 39.2
Blood Waste Removal Rate (Higher number is better) 96.3% As expected 95.9%
Hospitalization Rate (Lower number is better) 161.2 Better than expected 183.2
*2018 data