Quality Indicators

Medicare Rating

NYAKC has received a 5-star rating nine times out of the last ten years. Only 15% of dialysis centers in the United States receive a 5-star rating in any particular year.

Patient Safety Program

5-Diamond Award – 2016, 2017, 2018; every year since this program was established in 2016

Patient Survival Rate

NYAKC had the lowest mortality rate (highest survival) in New York State from 2011 through 2017, at 11.7 (per 100 patients)

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Indicators NYAKC Nationwide
Quality of Care (Medicare Star Rating) 5-Star Excellent Average 3-4 Stars
Mortality Rate (Per 100 patients. Lower number is better) 12.7 Better than expected 17.4
Infection Rate (Lower number is better) 0.24 Better than expected 1.01
Blood Transfusions (Per 100 patients. Lower number is better) 11.8 Better than expected 39.2
Blood Waste Removal Rate (Higher number is better) 96.3% As expected 95.9%
Hospitalization Rate (Lower number is better) 161.2 Better than expected 183.2
*2018 data

Over the last ten years NYAKC outperformed every other dialysis facility in the area:

  • Higher survival rates for patients
  • Lower infection incidence rate
  • More efficient removal of waste from blood
  • Higher patient satisfaction rate